Pwn2Own, is a hacking contest which was first conducted since 2007 and continues to be carried out almost every year. Well, at Pwn2Own 2022 yesterday, interesting information came from this event, where reportedly contestants and cybersecurity experts managed to hack into Windows 11 and Microsoft Team on the first day.

Bleeping Computer’s Dilansie, Hector “p3rro” Peralta was the first to successfully break into Microsoft Teams, where he demonstrated an improper configuration of Microsoft’s Messenger and ended up pocketing $150,000 USD for his discovery.

Then, Masato Kinugawa also successfully executed 3-bug chain infections, misconfiguration, and sandbox escapes, followed by a number of other contestants Daniel Lim Wee Soong, Poh Jia Hao, Li Jiantao, and Ngo Wei Lin who successfully exploited this Microsoft application.

Meanwhile, for Windows 11, Marcin Wiązowski managed to execute out-of-bounds write escalation from the privilege of Windows 11, and thanks to his findings Marcin earned $40,000 USD along with high praise from Microsoft.

At Pwn2Own 2022, Microsoft Products are not the only targets of the contestants, with Oracle Virtualbox, Mozilla Firefox, Ubuntu Desktop, and Apple Safari, also being among the targets.

Certainly an event like this will help Microsoft and other companies improve the security of their products and encourage skilled hackers to compete and develop their talents.

In Pwn2Own 2022, hackers earned a total of $800,000 on the first day by exploiting 16 zero-day bugs in multiple products. On the second and third day, contestants can earn over $1,000,000 in prizes by breaking into Tesla’s software, gadgets and cars (Tesla Model 3 and Model S).

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Via : Zero Day Initiative, Bleeping Computer


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