Last week Microsoft released Windows 11 Insider Dev Build 25231 for Windows Insider Dev Channel users, now in this update there are no new features introduced by Microsoft, at least it’s on page release notes that they share.

But did you know, as reported by DeskModder, that Microsoft is starting to test a new feature on Facebook? task manager which one is search bar in Task manager.

Well, more or less like in the picture above, where in the Task Manager there will be a search column that you can use to search for processes, UUIDs, and other components in the Task Manager.

Of course this feature is important for those of you who want to find process that you want to see and stop without having to search one by one from the constantly moving list.

Interesting isn’t it?, but friends, keep in mind that this feature is only a test and you can only activate it using ViveTool as usual, the steps themselves are very easy, in ViveTool that you open using CMD as Administrator, you just enter the following command.

vivetool /enable /id:39420424

Please try guys, for the full tutorial I will share in the future after the Windows 11 update on my device is complete. Just stay tune, and let’s try this feature together.

Via : DeskModder


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