Since Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter a few days ago, a number of things have changed at the company, including changes that allow users to get blue tick on Twitter for just $8 USD.

Well besides that, there’s interesting news, guys, reported from Platformersreportedly we will be able to edit the tweets that we have shared, previously, this feature itself is a special ability for Twitter Blue subscribers whose subscription price is quite expensive too, which is around $99 USD per year.

With the presence of the ability to edit Tweets for free for all users, users no longer need to be afraid of typos in the tweets they have sent.

But keep in mind, friends, that this editing ability only applies to tweets that are 30 minutes after publishing, so after 30 minutes, you can’t edit your tweets.

For now, unfortunately, there is no information on when this feature will be released for all users, but hopefully news from the discussion between Twitter and Platformer internal parties will be released soon.

So what do you think? comment below guys.

Via : Platformers, Casey Newton


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