After yesterday Microsoft released the latest update for Windows 11 Insider Release Previewtoday Microsoft released a new update for Windows Insider De Channel users with the update presented is Build 23419.

In Windows 11 Insider Dev Build 23419 there are quite a lot of new things introduced, of course some of them have been introduced in Insider Dev since Build 25276 (before the Canary Channel was introduced), one of which was the ability to create live kernels memory dumps in Task Manager, apart from that there is also the USB 4 Settings Page which was previously installed introduced on Insider canaries.

Okay, let’s discuss in more detail. For Live Kernel Memory Dump, this capability will allow users to retrieve diagnostic data if there is a problem with the system without having to wait for the BSOD to occur first.

Previously, usually when the system experienced a BSOD (Crash) / Blue Screen, the OS would automatically create one kernel memory dumps which will be useful for the advanced user see and analyze what problems are happening in their system, and with the presence of new capabilities in the Task Manager, users do not have to wait for a BSOD to create kernel memory dumps.

As shown above, this new option will be present in Task Manager > Details > then on one of the processes, you can right click and there will be an option (Create live kernel memory dump file) there, and of course users can also set options for Live Kernel Memory Dump in the Task Manager Settings page.

Now secondly, on the Settings page there is now a special USB 4 page available where with this new page, users can find out more detailed information about connected USB 4 devices.

Regarding these new capabilities and options, please note that these new options will only be available to systems that already have support for USB 4, so if your device does not have USB 4 support, this page will not appear. To see if your system supports USB4, you can open Device Manager and make sure that there is already a USB4 host router as shown in the following image.

Furthermore, other improvements that are also present in Windows 11 Insider Dev Build 23419 include improvements Cloud Suggestion in Simplified Chinese IME which of course might be useful if you use Chinese input.

Other Improvements

Apart from the three things above, there are several other improvements presented to selected Insider users, one of which is change recommended section to be for you on the Start Menu.

For you in the Start Menu

Then, change the Pinned Apps policy previously announced that Microsoft has now also started to be presented in this latest version of Insider Dev.

Apart from that, other changes have also been introduced before, such as the presence of changes to the network icon if the user uses VPN access, the presence of a Redesign of the Voice Access page, and also the presence of an option to display seconds in the system tray. Some of these changes have now begun to be introduced gradually for Insider Dev users without having to activate a certain ID as before.


Apart from what was highlighted above, there are also a number of improvements that Microsoft is presenting, which include:

  • Improved the experience on logon after booting up by reducing the performance impact of startup apps.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Narrator to read the position before the name on the system tray icons.
  • Fixed an issue causing the show hidden icons flyout to open behind things like OneNote flyout and live captions.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause explorer.exe crashes related to drag and drop.
  • Fixed a search crash from the last flight.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause explorer.exe to crash when opening Home if certain content was visible in the Recent section.
  • Made some improvements to the performance of loading File Explorer in the case where there’s a disconnected network drive visible in the navigation pane.
  • Fixed an issue where dragging content across an open Start menu folder could cause a crash.
  • Fixed an issue where after using voice typing your PC might not enter modern standby.
  • We fixed the issue causing live captions to not work for Chinese Traditional on Arm64 devices.
  • Fixed an issue where some of the details in the Performance page wouldn’t display properly until you resized the window or changed pages back and forth.

So, there are quite a lot of changes that are present in this latest build? If you are a Windows Insider Dev Channel user, you can just update your system to Build 23419 via the Settings page > Windows Update > Check for updates, then please download Windows 11. Insider Dev Build 23419 which is available there.

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