Some time ago, in addition to introducing a number of their new devices such as the Surface Laptop 5, Studio 2+, Surface Pro 9 and a number of other accessories, Microsoft also announced that they are planning to bring the following features in Windows 11 in the future.

Let’s talk more about some of these planned features:

Screen Recorder

In the future, Microsoft plans to make screen recorder default in Windows 11, which is based on the image shown by Microsoft, screen recorder will be present as part of snipping tools.

This feature will certainly be very interesting, because with it, users no longer need to download and use third-party applications just to record their screen.I

iCloud Integration With Microsoft Photos

Second, later Microsoft Photos will be integrated with iCloud, so with this it will make Windows 11 very friendly with iPhone devices, where sharing images will be easier between iPhone and Windows 11.

Apple TV and Apple Music apps

Now in addition to the presence of iCloud integration with Microsoft Photos, later Microsoft will work with Apple to present Apple TV and Apple Music applications in the Microsoft Store.

With that, of course, users no longer need to use iTunes which is quite old school to use.

Well besides that, interestingly the preview version will soon be presented at the end of this year and the General Availability version will be presented in 2023, of course it will be very interesting if it is true that some of the support is finally brought to Windows 11.

Let’s see what the future will be like, what do you think? comment below guys.

Via: Microsoft (Youtube)


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