When doing a search on Bing or on Windows Search either on Windows 10 or on Windows 11, then automatically if you have logged in with a Microsoft account, all of these search keywords will be stored on Microsoft servers so you can access them again from search suggestions to be displayed.

So friends, of course for those of you who don’t like this, especially because this concerns privacy, and maybe there are keywords that you don’t want anyone other than you to know, you can delete search history it’s from your Microsoft account. And here WinPoin summarizes the short steps.

Step 1. First, please open the page https://www.bing.com/profile/historymake sure you log in with the Microsoft account that you have.

Step 2. After that, on the page, in the section Manage or clear your search historyplease click Clear all.

If asked to login and validate, please just log in again and click Clear all back to remove all search keywords from your account.

Apart from that, just as a suggestion, so that new keywords are not stored on Microsoft servers, on that page, you disable the option Show new searches here like in the picture above, where after that the keywords won’t be saved and you are free to type and search for anything in Windows Search or Bing.

Please try guys, hopefully useful.

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