For you Windows 10 users who check for updates on the page Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update, You may receive the optional update KB5020030 which, if the update is installed, will change your Windows 10 OS build to 19042.2311, 19043.2311, 19044.2311, and 19045.2311 depending on which version of Windows 10 you are using.

Apart from that, there are some interesting things in this update, one of which is apart from the improvements that are presented now search box automatically displayed default.

In addition there are also improvements to printers which was previously reported to be buggy when users try to do so print with default drivers that comes with Windows 10.

For more details, you can see changelog following.

  • New! The search box now appears, by default, on the taskbar when the taskbar is at the top of your screen or when you turn on small taskbar button mode. You can use the search box to find information and search your PC and the web directly from your taskbar. To configure how search appears, right-click the taskbar of your primary monitor and hover over Search. For more information, see Learn more about search.
  • It addresses some persistent update failures for the Microsoft Store.
  • It addresses an issue that affects certain printers. The print outputs are misaligned.
  • It addresses an issue that affects daylight saving time (DST) in the Republic of Fiji. It cancels DST for 2022.

And be aware, because it is optional update, this update is not installed via background like usual cumulative updates, and only users who manually install updates via Windows Update will get this update.

Apart from the fixes, there are also a number of known issues which you can see on the page, among others following. But generally, known issues are still related to previously reported problems, namely problems regarding Direct Access whose articles you can read on the page following.

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