Two months ago, Google is back announce the switch from Hangout to Chats which with that means the life time of Google Hangouts is coming to an end.

After a long period of transition, now the appointed time has come, where today, Google has officially disabled Google Hangouts and will soon be replaced by Google Chats.

For now, if you try to access the official page of Google Hangout, you will find a message that the page is not available, meanwhile, apps, extensions and even other related links will start redirecting to Google Chats.

Regarding Google Hangouts, even though the website has been disabled, users can still export data from Hangouts to Chats until the January 1, 2023 deadline through the service Google Takeout.

So if you feel you are still using Google Hangouts, starting today you should immediately move and start familiarizing yourself with Google Chats, if you haven’t backed up data from Google Hangouts, you can back up all data using Google Takeout which you can access via the page. following


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