Yesterday we got the news that Microsoft Shows Windows 11 Ads For Windows 10 Users, with two buttons that are enough to make users misunderstand. And today friends, there is another interesting news which is also a case that is almost similar.

Regarding this, one of the users Reddit who seems to be using Windows 10, shared his unpleasant experience, where he found a Microsoft 365 Trial advertisement that could not be skipped or skipped.

So, like in the video above, you can see the user with the username whatsurissuebro it tries to perform a click on the button No thanks, but when clicked, the page that is displayed actually seems to force the user to try a trial or buy the Microsoft 365 application.

Now for those of you who don’t subscribe to Microsoft 365, usually once in a while Microsoft randomly launches this advertisement for Windows 10 users, it’s just that usually the button No thanks working properly.

But if we find cases like the Reddit user, of course this is an annoying thing. Apart from that, guys, during the OOBE process, similar advertisements usually appear when we are connected to the Internet, and it would be very annoying if when we wanted to carry out the final installation process, we were instead presented with forced advertisements like in the video above.

Did you find the same case? comment below guys.

via: Reddit


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