With a population of over 270 million and 80% of them are young people. Not surprisingly, the Indonesian capital market is highly sought after by foreigners. These foreigners can join either as investors in the Indonesian stock exchange or by establishing a securities company in this country.

List of 7 foreign securities companies with branches in Indonesia are:

1. Mirae Asset Securities

Mirae Asset Sekuritas is one of the Securities companies with the most transactions in indonesia The company is a subsidiary of Mirae Asset Financial Group, a financial group of companies born in 1997 in South Korea. At the end of 2021 alone, the company was able to record 14.39 percent of its share transactions across Indonesia.

This is not without reason. The company formerly known as Daewoo Securities Indonesia offers: low transaction fees and a wide range of investment and trading accounts. with 0.08% to 0.25% fee per transaction only You can now trade and invest in stocks using the services of this company. Myra Asset Securities There are also 4 trading and investment accounts: normal account, sharia account, margin account. and day trading accounts for those who like day trading

2. BNP Paribas

The next securities company to come from a network of foreign companies is PT BNP Paribas Sekuritas Indonesia. This company is a subsidiary of BNP Paribas SA, a global financial company from France. Besides Indonesia The institute also has branches in 64 countries.

In Indonesia, BNP Paribas has three common sustainable business lines: PT BNP Paribas Sekuritas Indonesia, which provides equity investment and underwriting services for companies, and BNP Paribas Asset Management, which publishes and manages multiple mutual fund products and 1 Bank BNP Sekuritas

3. PT Credit Suisse Sekuritas Indonesia

Let’s move a little from France to Switzerland. In 1856 one of the largest financial institutions in Switzerland and Europe was established under the name Credit Suisse. The company has four business lines: Wealth Management, Investment Bank, Swiss Bank and Asset Management Credit Suisse does not currently operate in Switzerland only. but also operates all over the world. including Indonesia

The company entered the Indonesian market in 1997, but was fully established and was licensed as a Underwriter in 2002 under the name PT Credit Suisse First Boston Indonesia, 20 years since its official entry into Indonesia. This company continues to provide services to institutional investors only.

4. PT Goldman Sachs Indonesia Sekuritas

The name Goldman Sachs must be familiar to the ears of activists in the Indonesian financial industry. Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. is an American financial company founded in 1869, according to data. statisticsGoldman Sachs is the world’s second largest investment banking firm after JP Morgan.

Despite being over 100 years old, the company only opened a branch in Indonesia in 2014. Until now, the core service of PT Goldman Sachs Indonesia Sekuritas in Indonesia is still the only distribution manager. therefore not yet available for retail investor

5. JP Morgan Securities Indonesia

In contrast to Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan has been in Indonesia since 1968. It also provides investment banking and commercial banking for public and private issuers in Indonesia. Not just in Indonesia. Since 1872 JPMorgan has entered the Asia-Pacific (APAC) market and now has 17 branches in countries in the region.

Like Goldman Sachs and several other foreign securities firms in Indonesia, JP Morgan Sekuritas clients from the investment and banking sectors. Limited to institutional investors including government only.

6. HSBC Indonesia Securities

HSBC is undeniably one of the oldest financial institutions in Asia Pacific. Established as a bank under the name The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, the company was established in 1865 in Hong Kong to facilitate trade between Europeans and Asians. (especially Shanghai)

over time This company not only operates in banking. but also extended to other sections of the financial industry as a whole This includes the establishment of HSBC Sekuritas Indonesia from various news sources. This securities company was established in 1989 under the name PT Wardley James Capel Indonesia. However, it was only licensed as a brokerage and underwriter in 1992.

7. DBS Vickers Sekuritas Indonesia

In addition to HSBC, another banking company that established a securities company in Indonesia is DBS Bank. The bank was established by the Government of Singapore in 1968 under the name The Development Bank of Singapore Limited, which has a subsidiary, DBS Vickers Securities Holdings Pte., Ltd. This subsidiary Responsible for the securities business of DBS Bank in Indonesia and other countries. in Southeast Asia

DBS Vickers Sekuritas Indonesia was licensed as an underwriter and broker-dealer in 1992 and 1995 respectively. From various sources, the company also has a license to be an investment manager by the government.

That is, some securities companies come from abroad. Due to the wide business scope The aforementioned securities companies do not provide online securities trading and share trading by retail investors.

It should also be noted that although the above companies are branches of foreign companies However, there is no need for stock trading services registered in the parent company’s country of origin.


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