Retirement is a time to be prepared at an early age. The reason is when you retire. You will not work even if the prices for daily necessities are higher and you need to deal with health problems.

What is retirement savings?

Retirement Savings is a savings program to prepare money that you will use to meet your daily needs when you retire later. There are two options for settings. pension fund is to set up independently or use the services of a financial institution to assist you

The advantage of independently setting up retirement funds is that you can withdraw any money you keep at any time. The downside, however, is that the size of your retirement fund will depend on your level of discipline.

The second method is to use the services of financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies. Currently, there are approximately 25 banks and insurance companies that provide pension fund products. Your funds will be allocated to various investment instruments. that you can choose

The good thing is that you can save your direct debits so they don’t make sense every month. And typically, this type of retirement savings has a higher interest rate than the savings interest rate. The downside is that savings can only be withdrawn when they are due or they can only be accelerated under certain conditions.

Best Retirement Savings in Indonesia

Here are some of the best retirement savings products:

1. DPLK . Independent

DPLK stands for Financial Institutions Pension Fund. Money in DPLK is different from other savings products. Direct to various investment tools such as mutual funds. One of the financial institutions that offers this product is Bank Mandiri.

Here are some requirements to become a Mandiri DPLK customer:

  1. Minimum 18 years of age or married
  2. The minimum retirement age is 40 years.
  3. Minimum deposit 100,000 per month
  4. tin.
  5. ID card
  6. Fill out and sign the participation application form.
  7. Have a Mandiri Savings Account

The advantage of Mandiri retirement savings is that you can have two DPLK accounts at once. You can invest in only one instrument (money market, bond or stocks) or a combination of them.


Besides Bank Mandiri, another financial institution that saves pension funds is Bank BRI.

The requirements for opening a BRI retirement savings account are:

  • 17 years old or married
  • The minimum retirement age is 40 years.
  • Minimum deposit 100,000 IDR
  • Fill out and sign the participation application form.
  • have TIN
  • Copy of KTP or KITAP (Permanent Residence Permit Card)
  • Have a BRI bank savings account

Bank BRI offers DPLK which is divided into three investment products: money market, a combination of DPLK bond (60% bond, 40% money market) and DPLK stock (60% stock, 40% money market).

The advantage of DPLK BRI is that the pension benefits can be paid monthly and the balance can be checked on the bank’s official website. You can also check investment opportunities using this product by clicking on the following link:


3. BNI Simponi

Here’s how to register at BNI Simponi:

  • Fill out the account opening application form.
  • Include a copy of your ID card.
  • Make a minimum deposit of IDR 250,000, then 100,000.
  • Get BNI Simponi Savings Book
  • Deposits do not need to be automatically deducted so that people with different types of jobs can use them.
  • The minimum retirement age is 40 years.

This BNI Retirement Savings offers a wide range of investment products for the DPLK:

  1. LIQUID SIMPONY = 100% money market;
  2. SIMPONI LIKUID PLUS = 75% money market and 25% bonds;
  3. SHARIA LIQUID SYMPONY = 100% Islamic Money Market or Islamic Bonds
  4. Mid-range symphony = 50% money market and 50% bonds.
  5. SIMPONI BIMBANG = 50% money market and 50% mutual fund or stock
  6. SHARIA BALAND SYMPONY = 50% Money Market or Islamic Bonds and Islamic Mutual Funds 50%
  7. PROGRESSIVE SYMPHONY = 50% bonds and 50% mutual funds or stocks

What to look for in retirement savings

1. Determine when you retire.

In general, it can be said that workers enter retirement at age 65. However, it is possible for you to retire early. Either because of your own needs or because of health problems.

This retirement age is important to determine in advance because:

  1. About when you can withdraw your savings
  2. what if you want money
  3. What investment instruments can you choose?
  4. How much savings do you need to deposit each month to reach your goal?

pension fund products The above financial institutions have mechanisms for providing urgent benefits. (Based on expected retirement age) Make sure you ask this question when you explore the product with the respective bank.

2. Acceptance of investment risks

Another thing you should consider when choosing a retirement savings product is risk tolerance. as stated above Each bank offers a variety of investment tools with different risks and rewards.

Stocks are commonly known as high-yield, high-risk investment instruments. On the other hand, money market instruments such as fixed deposits are known as low-yield instruments. But they are relatively safer than stocks. Make sure you choose the right investment tool for you. risk tolerance profile you have yes

3. Fees, Taxes and Potential Benefits

Make sure that when choosing retirement savings You have to go to each bank. The reason is that not all information is opened on the bank’s website. So you need to ask customer service directly.

Some of these are:

  1. Fees that customers have to pay when opening a DPLK savings account
  2. Fees when he wants to withdraw money
  3. monthly operating expenses
  4. tax.
  5. profit potential
  6. How to view balance
  7. Fund disbursement mechanism
  8. Pension transfer mechanism

You can compare the amount of fees charged by each bank and the amount of potential profit to determine the best retirement savings.

4. Easy deposit and withdrawal

The last thing to consider in choosing the best retirement savings is how easy it is to deposit and withdraw. Slightly different from normal deposits Retirement savings can be refilled, however, not all banks offer easy top-up services.

Make sure you choose DPLK that offers easy deposits in addition to direct debits, whether through ATMs, mobile banking, digital wallets, or merchants, because not every retirement savings user is. salaried employees

Also ask how you can withdraw money when it’s due. And what happens if you can’t deposit for months? All deposit products in bank are guaranteed by Deposit Insurance Corporation. However, make sure you understand the details of the financial products you choose to avoid future losses.


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