After going viral a few days ago, where is it? Kominfo Block Steam, Epic Games, Up to Paypalmany users expressed their complaints, even Kominfo’s social media accounts received many attacks from Indonesian netizens, even Microsoft used to have to close comments on every post.

Well, after being quite controversial because Kominfo blocked the eight popular services and platforms on the grounds that the eight services had reportedly not registered yet Electronic System Operation (PSE) which is stated in the Minister of Communication and Informatics Regulation Number 5 of 2020.

Now Access Four of the 8 blocked services have been reopened, where these services include: Steam, Counter Strike, Dota, and Yahoo.

Regarding the unblocking, this was done after the Ministry of Communication and Informatics managed to communicate with the managers of Yahoo and Valve Corp (Steam, CS GO, and DOTA). It’s just that unfortunately Origin and Epic Games are still blocked, at least until now when I wrote this article.

In addition, specifically for Paypal, Kominfo Temporarily Opens PayPal for 5 Days starting August 1, 2022, and it is reported that PayPal is now registering PSE, hopefully the process will be completed quickly because there are quite a number of users whose funds are in PayPal.

We will discuss this a little again, regarding this, until now the news from Kominfo vs. the Community is still quite hot, because how could it not, without any information and prior notification, suddenly popular platforms were immediately blocked, even the funny thing is that online gambling is only considered a game ordinary gaple and even registered PSE.

But guys, after going viral because it was considered a “gaming game”, it was just a gaple, reported from Compass15 Online Gambling Games registered by PSE were finally blocked by Kominfo as well.

Well, we can’t blame the government here for this funny action by Kominfo, because of course maybe behind all this, there are good things for the country and society, so let’s pray for the best for our country, guys.

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