As we know, we can Enjoy macOS Mojave Features on Windows 10 with a tutorial that you can read on the following page: How to Use Dynamic Wallpaper on Windows 10 Desktop.

The two related articles did not escape the help of the WinDynamicDesktop application, where regarding the application, the latest 5.1 version has been released and now presents MacOS Ventura wallpapers that we can use.

Overview of WinDynamicDesktop, this application will allow us to get dynamic wallpapers that can change based on the theme or time that we have set previously. If you are a user of MacOS Mojave or the latest version, then you should be familiar with this feature.

Regarding WinDynamicDesktop 5.1, apart from presenting abstract wallpapers from MacOS Ventura, a number of fixes and improvements were added, some of which include:

  • Added Venture Abstract theme
  • Added dropdown in theme download dialog to select alternate mirrors that may be faster
  • Added “Hide system tray icon” to menu which hides tray icon until the next time the app is manually launched
  • Added Estonian translation (thanks ST)
  • Fixed error when applying settings and there is no active theme (#457)
  • Fixed theme not updating on displays that were connected when device is sleeping
  • Fixed error when theme download is cancelled
  • Fixed PowerShell scripts being invoked multiple times with the same arguments
  • Fixed incorrect theme name shown in bold when there is no active theme

So, for those of you who are WinDynamicDesktop users, you can just update the application by downloading it from the GitHub page. following.

Via : Neowin


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