Windows 11 is indeed in terms of appearance now more similar to MacOS, and you know, it turns out that there is a new feature that is now presented in Windows 11 and in an idea, it copies one of the important features in MacOS.

Yep, this feature is the ability to activate mobile hotspot without having to touch smartphone user to activate it. Now this feature is closely related to the Phone Link application, but unfortunately this feature is exclusively for Samsung devices only.

Well, apart from being exclusively for Samsung devices, you at least need to meet several criteria requirements following:

  • A Samsung smartphone with One UI 4.1.1 and newer
  • A PC with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and Windows 11 build 22621 or newer
  • A cellular plan that supports hotspots
  • Phone Link version 1.22082.111.0 or newer
  • Link to Windows app on your Samsung device with version 1.22081.142 or newer

So why is it called copying ideas from a Mac?, because if you notice, if the iPhone is on standby near MacOS and iPadOS, users can immediately turn it on. mobile hotspot, and of course maybe the hard-line Apple Users will be quite impressedtrigger with a feature similar to this in Windows 11.

Once again informed that this feature is exclusive to Samsung only, even Surface Duo devices from Microsoft do not get this feature.

So have you tried this feature? comment below guys.

Via : Neowin

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