The last time we reported about Windows 10 22H2 was back in August, where it hit Will Windows 10 22H2 Get Some New Features?Well, time has passed, there is no additional information from Microsoft, but recently there was an interesting leak that most likely Windows 10 22h2 is almost ready to be released to the public.

This is related to the leaked ISO file of Windows 10 22H2 which is available through the page techbench where there is listed Windows 10 22H2 [ID: 2377] and Windows 10 22H2 Home China [ID: 2378].

If we follow the download flow from the page techbench In the end, we will be directed to a page with a url:


Which one leads from the Microsoft page, but when we try to download the ISO file, we get a “GatewayExceptionResponse” error as shown in the following image:

Well with that, it is very likely that the download link is not yet available because this version has not been officially announced by Microsoft, but with the presence of this link, it confirms that Windows 10 22H2 will be released in the near future as General Availability Rollout.

My prediction is, it’s likely that Windows 10 22H2 will come this month, but let’s just look at the official news from Microsoft for more details.

What do you think? are you still using Windows 10? comment below guys.

Via : TechBench


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