An interesting piece of information is here for WhatsApp users, guys, reported from Neowin, on WhatsApp Beta version and version, lucky users have got a feature in the form of short videos which allows users to send short video messages in chats.

This feature itself can be said to be similar to Voice Note where users can speak briefly, but the difference with this feature is that the video will be recorded with a duration of up to 60 seconds, exactly as shown in the following image.

Now you can try this feature by tapping the icon mic beside chat form, and if the icon changes to a video like in the image above, you can start recording short video messages for your chat partners.

Regarding this feature, how do you find out if this feature will be useful?, in my opinion, this feature might be used quite rarely by users because compared to short videos, users might immediately record videos and send them, but what do you think? comment below guys.

And what is certain, this feature is currently still in testing and only lucky users will get this feature, are you one of them? Apart from that it is not certain that this feature will be available to all users, because at this time as usual, WhatsApp is still waiting feedback from the first tester.

via: Neowin


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