few weeks ago, Microsoft Confirms Issues With November 2022 Update on Windows 11 where one of them is a problem on environment kerberos authentication.

This problem itself is not only felt by Windows 11 users, but almost all OSes that are still supported by Microsoft, including Windows 10. And regarding this problem, recently Microsoft has fixed it through the OOB Update (Out Of Band), where according to Microsoft everything has been done via their server side, so there’s nothing extra for the user to do.

“You do not need to apply any previous updates before installing these cumulative updates. If you have already installed updates released November 8, 2022, you do not need to uninstall the affected updates before installing any later updates including the updates listed above.” Reveal Microsoft through the page officialhis.

Well, this OOB update is something that I think is good, because when there are critical issues such as bugs kerberos authentication this, everything is fixed via serverside by Microsoft.

What do you think? comment below guys.


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