As previously reported, Twitter will gain the ability to edit tweets, although limited to a few minutes when the first Tweet is released, this feature is still in development, but seems ready to be demonstrated.

Through its official @TwitterBlue account, Twitter shows how this feature works.

Now it can be seen, there is a “Last Edited” label that shows when the tweet was edited, this display is rumored to minimize the abuse and spread of future “predicted” hoaxes that are common and have even gone viral like those on Facebook today.

In addition, as in the picture above, users will also see Edit History information that users can see when they click on the link linked in Last Edited earlier.

So, how interesting is it? This feature will reportedly be launched for the first time for users of Twitter Blue subscriptions, where Twitter Blue users can get by paying only $4.99 USD per month.

But hopefully this feature is also available for all users. What do you think? comment below guys.


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