It’s been almost three months since the official launch of ChatBot ChatGPT where it is rumored that this technology will completely change the world of technology, even Microsoft and OpenAI have also collaborated to create bing more powerful with ChatGPT technology, don’t want to lose, even Baidu also began to develop their version of similar technology.

Meanwhile, Google, which has been said many times to be defeated by Microsoft through their new version of Bing, recently revealed a new technology called Bard, which according to Google CEO Sunder PichaiBard this is a ChatBot that incorporates Google’s Language Model for Dialog Applications (LaMDA) to support answers to questions.

This bard was said to not only be able to handle answers to simple questions as it currently did search engines Google, but can also handle more complex queries like the example image below.

According to Pichai, the first version of Bard will be released as a so-called “LamBDA light model version”, which will use less computer power so that Google can get more feedback from various users. And the interesting thing is that Bard is currently in the testing phase and will be ready to go live for everyone in the coming weeks.

In addition, Pichai also said that Google Search will soon enable more AI-based features that filter complex information and multiple perspectives into an easy-to-digest format, where it includes more details for queries as well as links to related websites.

In fact Google’s move to launch Bard and add more AI-based features to Google Search is a move and response to the rise of ChatGPT, just like it is to its competitors.

So what do you think about Google’s steps in competing in a world that is already excited about this ChatGPT? comment below guys.

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