Stories are indeed one of the features that can almost be found in various social media platforms, call it WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, and even Twitter, even though Twitter finally removed the feature.

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Regarding the Stories feature, there is interesting news, especially if you are a Telegram user, because recently, Telegram CEO Pavel Durov has confirmed that the Stories feature will be present in their Telegram application.

This is interesting, I think Durov , initially, they did not support the launch of Stories because the feature was “everywhere”. But they finally added it because Stories accounted for more than half of all the feature requests Telegram received.

The Telegram Stories feature itself will be present at the top chat with an expandable UI which is designed to keep it compact when not in use.

In addition, later the user can choose whether Stories will expire in 6, 12, 24, 48 hours and even user can display stories permanently on the user’s profile page.

Then, just like the features that are present in other Platforms, users can submit videos use the front and rear cameras simultaneously, add text, emoji and even tag other users. Whereas for privacy, Telegram will give users the option to choose whether stories visible to all users, contacts only, selected contacts or close friends only.

Now what’s interesting, Durov also revealed that Telegram would make it possible channels to resend their message as stories,and enable them to benefit from more exposure and subscribers once the feature goes live.

Then when will this feature be available? Reportedly, currently testing has been carried out and it is possible that this feature will be introduced in July 2023 later. So how? will you like this feature? comment below guys.

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