Recently, Google confirmed that a new Android logo is coming soon and it will feature a 3D design with Android’s iconic green robot icon.

Reported from 9toGoogle, this new logo will bring a new font by bringing the Android letter with a capital A to make it more modern. If you are curious, the appearance itself is more or less like the following image.

So, this new logo with a 3D view first appeared at CES 2023, but at that time the words “android” still used all the small logos. But at I/O 2023, the logo has changed with new writing, and Google describes it as the “Most expressive OS”, or the most expressive operating system.

According to information circulating, this new logo will appear inside boot screen for all Android devices, which currently as we know, the logo that appears is Powered by Android, and maybe this is the right time to release a new logo when Android 14 is released to the public.

How about this, are you ready for this new logo change? and do you like this new logo? comment below guys.

via: 5toGoogle


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