If you are someone who has just used or downloaded the Telegram application today, then you will be greeted with the sweet words of “Telegram is free forever. No ads. There is no subscription fee.”

However, did you know that actually Telegram is preparing a Premium service that will be released soon? For now the service is still in the development stage and from the beta version it was revealed that the premium service will provide users with several exclusive things including exclusive reactions and stickers.

Not only that, for those of you who later subscribe to the premium Telegram service, you will reportedly get storage cloud free unlimited for chat and media. But unfortunately, DroidPoin has not been able to confirm the fate of free Telegram users, whether they will be affected by this or not.

The reason Telegram provides premium services is to help with the monetization problem of the Telegram app itself. Apart from the above, lthe premium service on Telegram will give you a kind of star badge to confirm that you are a Premium member at the top of the chat and in the profile section.

But unfortunately, for now DroidPoin does not know the details of how much it costs to subscribe to the service.

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