An important information that you really need to know, which was previously reported that in tuesday patch Last May 2022, there were a number of problems that presented to users downloading and updating their systems.

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Of the problems that arise, one of them is the problem that causes the error domain controller authentication which, of course, is quite annoying, especially for Windows Server users who are quite active in using this technology.

Regarding this problem, Microsoft recently released a number of OOB or Out of Band Updates on every version of Windows Server that it felt had problems, including Windows Server 2019, 20H2, and 2022,

Some of those versions will get the following updates:

About this you can see the complete information on the page following.

Because this fix is ​​quite important, Windows Server users are required to update their systems with this update, especially those who had the problem yesterday domain controller this.

As for general Windows 10 and Windows 11 users, the fix might be rolling out soon too, as in Windows 11 Release Insider Release Preview Build 220000.706problem remote procedure calls (RPC) has also been fixed.

We fixed an issue that affects remote procedure calls (RPC) to the Win32_User or Win32_Group WMI class. The domain member that runs the RPC contacts the primary domain controller (PDC). When multiple RPCs occur simultaneously on many domain members, this might overwhelm the PDC.” write Microsoft in page official.

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