Towards the end of 2022, just as Spotify is bringing wrapped spotify which contains whatever music users frequently listen to on their platform, Steam also seems to bring something similar.

Called Steam Replay, here, we will be shown information about what games users are playing during 2022. Steam Replay itself will immediately appear as soon as the user logs into their Steam account either from the Steam Client application or via direct links following.

“We’re thrilled to announce Steam Replay, coming directly to all Steam users beginning today! What is Steam Replay? Watch the video above, or read on to find out.” wrote Steam on its announcement page.

So what games will I play on the Steam platform in 2022? Next, I will share my Steam Replay, guys.

On the page steam replay in my account, I certainly play the game the most the forrest one of my favorite games, besides that the Steam Replay page will also contain a number of other important information about how many achievements, and spiders Graph of game genres that you often play too.

So for you Steam users, try to share your Steam Replay in the comments column below.


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