The Files App or Files Application that you may have heard of is also now available in the Microsoft Store. This application is one of the best alternative applications for those of you who want it file explorer modern, incl tabs feature which has been around for a long time even before Windows 11 brought tabs in file explorer.

Regarding this application, please note that now the application which is also available in the Microsoft Store is no longer free or free again ya guys, where to get it now users have to spend $ 7.99.

But luckily for those of you who have gotten this application from the first day, you no longer need to buy it because the application is already available in the app library in your account, so you just have to download it again right away.

So besides that, for those of you who might want to try this application and haven’t had the chance to get this application before when it was still free at the Microsoft Store, you can still get this application for free through the github page.

The steps are easy, you just need to download the Files App which is available with a file of the .msixbundle format on the GitHub page followingthen just install it as usual.

How about this? do you like this Files application? one of the winning apps Microsoft App Awards 2022. Comment below guys.

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