Apart from confirming the problem provisioning to cause Application Installation Failure in Windows 11 22H2Microsoft also confirmed another language-related issue in Windows 11.

Now this new problem is related to character conversion in Japanese, Korean, and Chinese, and possibly other languages ​​too, where when a user types a multibyte character set (such as the languages ​​mentioned earlier), the text conversion may not work correctly.

“When typing in languages ​​that use multibyte character sets – such as Japanese, Korean, and Chinese – operations to convert characters might not function correctly. Text conversion occurs when a series of characters is transformed into different characters by means of user selection. This commonly involves additional Prediction candidate and Conversion candidate windows, which appear near the cursor position while typing,” Reveal Microsoft

This issue itself occurs in Windows 11 22H2 or Windows 11 2022 Update, and it is known that this issue fortunately does not occur in older versions of Windows.

Also regarding this problem, Microsoft is currently carrying out an investigation to try to fix this problem, and until now there have been no corrective steps that users can take and get.

For those of you who often type in Japanese, Chinese and Korean, do you encounter this problem? comment below guys.

via: Microsoft

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