Recently, some interesting news came from Leaker Albacore on Twitter, where Albacore showed a screenshot showing Microsoft Edge Chromium getting the Crypto Wallet feature in it.

In the screenshots shared, it appears that Microsoft wants users to be able to store crypto without relying on third parties, and even Microsoft says this project is “foray into cryptocurrencies and NFTs,” and promises to provide security and a better experience without third-party extensions and making interaction with Web3 easier.

Although unfortunately there is not much information that we can get about this feature which is currently still being tested in a limited way, even though this feature is present to be tested, only a small number of my testers seem willing to use this feature considering that Microsoft has no plans to replace lost crypto if something bad happened.

And even so, from the information circulating it is said that this project is a secret project and no details can be shared externally, but in fact, now we already know about this, right?

For its own features, as you can see in the image above, later this crypto wallet will display the user’s current balance and assets, including transaction history, connected applications, watchlists, and exploring tabs to access Web3, Crypto and NFT.

Additionally, there are integrations with Coinbase and MoonPay that will allow users to buy and send coins to others.

Now, since there is no official information from Microsoft yet, of course we can assume that this news is just a rumour, but if it is true that this feature will be released later, I’m quite curious whether there will be many users using this crypto wallet from Microsoft Edge.

For full details you may be able to see the following tweet from Albacore, and if you have crypto, would you be interested in storing your assets in this Crypto Microsoft Edge wallet? comment below guys.

Via : Albacore (Twitter)


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