ChatGPT from OpenAI does provide a plus service with a number of advantages that benefit users, such as the presence of faster answer performance, as well as other benefits.

Regarding ChatGPT Plus, an interesting piece of information recently disclosed OpenAI, where on Monday 20 March 2023 yesterday, there was a bug in ChatGPT that allows Chatbot users to see messages / chats of other users between 1 am to 10 pm (pacific time zone), but what’s even more interesting, it turns out that it’s not just chat Of course that leaked, OpenAI also revealed that around 1.2 percent of users for the ChatGPT Plus service may have personal information, and partial payments that can be seen by others as well.

"In the hours before we took ChatGPT offline on Monday, it was possible for some users to see another active user’s first and last name, email address, payment address, the last four digits (only) of a credit card number, and credit card expiration date. Full credit card numbers were not exposed at any time." ungkap OpenAI

OpenAI believes that the number of ChatGPT Plus users actually displaying personal and payment info during this time period is “very low”. Because of this, they have contacted people who may be affected by this problem.

While OpenAI said it was committed to user privacy, they acknowledged that over the past week they had fallen short on that commitment and offered its apology and stated it “will work diligently to rebuild user trust.”

For technical details of this ChatGPT bug itself, OpenAI stated that it is based on the open-source Redis client library, which is used by chatbots to store user information on OpenAI servers.

"At 1 a.m. Pacific time on Monday, March 20, we inadvertently introduced a change to our server that caused a spike in Redis request cancellations. This created a small probability for each connection to return bad data."

Bugs have been fixed!

OpenAI has now fixed this bug and with that users don’t have to worry about the recurrence of similar incidents, in the meantime they apologize and try to ensure that this problem will not be repeated in the future.

via: OpenAI, Neowin


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