Rumors of a significant iPhone camera upgrade have resurfaced. This information was disclosed by LeaksApplePro through the iDropNews site.

The contents of this leak are actually not much different from the previous leak which said that the iPhone will be equipped with a 48MP camera.

This resolution is a very significant increase when compared to the resolution of the most advanced iPhone camera today, which is “only” at 12MP.

Unfortunately, this camera upgrade is only present in the Pro series. So most likely the non-Pro series won’t get this big of a camera upgrade.

Another rumor that might be a little strange is that only the iPhone 14 Pro series will use the A16 chip. While the non-Pro iPhone 14 series will still use the A15.

Of course this is interesting considering this is the first time Apple has embedded an old chip in the latest iPhone. It could be that the A16 chip is indeed needed in the Pro series because it has high performance to process 48MP images.

What do you think?

via iDropNews


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