Previously it was reported that Google Chrome Canary Get Mica Implementation Material, which with Mica Material section top bar from Chrome Browser will follow the more transparent Windows 11 style.

Regarding this new feature, it seems that Google still needs time to optimize this feature where now Mica Material has been disabled by default in Google Chrome Canary.

This is because Mica Material seems to make Google Chrome more resource consuming, where further development needs to be done to make this feature more optimal.

However, even though this feature has been deactivated, users who want to try this feature can still activate it manually by going through the experimental flag chrome://flags/#windows11-mica-titlebar.

Meanwhile, based on my own experience with Google Chrome Canary it is true that with Mica Material, RAM usage is slightly more, although it’s not that significant. But for those of you who have RAM below 8GB, then of course it will increase which resources If you use Chrome, it will feel burdensome for the system you are using.

Comment below guys, and give your opinion.

via: Chromium Gerrit

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