Recently, Microsoft through official page has announced availability from the Microsoft Teams Progressive Web App (PWA) for the Linux operating system, where Linux users can now install Microsoft Teams as a PWA from the Edge or Google Chrome browser that users use.

As in the picture above, when the user opens the page teams.microsoft.com, automatically the Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome browser that the user is using will automatically offer PWA installation for the site.

For manuals, it is possible and the steps are the same as other sites that are also available as PWAs, for example Youtube or Twitter.

With the presence of Microsoft Teams as a PWA on Linux, this certainly increases the reach of users of these Microsoft services, because not only can they install applications through the available installer (if any), users can install them from the Web as a Web App with the PWA feature.

So what do you think? are you a Linux and Microsoft Teams user? comment below guys.

Via : Microsoft


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