rich base notes This philosophy is not only applicable to mature individuals with their own income. but also applicable to students and even children. not only that Right now, middle and high school students without ID can only save money through a piggy bank. but can also invest

Even a few years ago, there were parents who bought bonds and bought a bunk to invest for their children. YouTuber Felicia Putri started her career in this field in high school. This means that even if you still receive pocket money from your parents. you can already start investing. Then how to do it:

1. Set goals

The first step is to define your investment objectives first. This goal will help you determine what’s important. In this financial world later

For example, you want to be able to go to college in 3 years and want to save at least some UKT money and other needs. in the first semester Since the savings period is more than 1 year but less than 5 years, this investment can be classified as a medium-term investment, making it suitable for buying debentures or bonds.

The investment objectives also allow you to determine how much you should collect during the relevant investment period. Let’s say UKT for the first semester is IDR 9,000,000, while all other requirements are met. In the first semester such as books, dormitory fees, etc., IDR 2,000,000 is required. At least you must raise IDR 11,000,000 in 3 years.

2. Use KTP, NPWP and parent’s account number.

The second step is to invest using KTP, NPWP and master account number. Securities companies and online trading applications will certainly ask you to enter your ID card number, account number and (sometimes) TIN. This information problem often poses a barrier for students looking to invest.

However, a few years ago The relevant government agencies have allowed students without ID and NPWP to invest using their parents’ ID and NPWP. You can control the online trading application. but with the parent’s bank account number You can’t help but get out of the way and your finances are still under parental supervision.

Several sources have also stated that students can now invest in mutual funds by entering their Resident Identification Number (NIK) listed on their family card and a photo of their family card as proof.

3. Selection of investment tools

The next step is to choose the right investment tool. So how to determine the right tool? Here’s what to consider:

  1. your investment goals
  2. When you need to analyze Because investing is not the same as gambling because it requires special analysis before buying certain investment tools.
  3. the amount of funds you have

If you have limited time and capital, the recommended instrument is mutual fund. As 1 unit of mutual fund can be purchased for only Rp 10,000 and funds from participating units will be managed by investment managerwhich is a specialized company with people specializing in investment So you don’t have to analyze independently.

4. Choose a reliable investment application.

After setting goals and investment tools It’s time to create an account at An investment application suitable for beginners. including being reliable again when creating this investment account. You can use your parent’s ID card, bank account and NPWP. If you don’t have all three

How reliable is the application? Trusted application is an official licensed application from OJK and Indonesia Stock Exchange. and has a good track record. robot advisor in there

5. Protect your investment from pocket money

One limitation for students and students is limited income. However, since mutual fund investments can now be purchased for very cheap as low as Rs 10,000, you can easily set aside pocket money for investing. In addition to pocket money from parents The following sources of income can also be allocated for investment:

  1. Sales revenue. For example, your result is the sale of food at school, in booths, etc.
  2. Competitive money. There are many competitions in high school where one of the prizes is money. So you can put money into mutual funds.

In addition to the above money You can also get help from parents who want to invest with you.

6. Continue to learn to invest and discipline.

The key to success in investing is being able to manage 3M: money (money management), methodology (everything that is technical in investing) and mind (investment mentality). Those who are tall are more likely to be successful than those who are undisciplined.

Discipline here means that you are faithfully sticking to the investment plan you have previously made. and not be tempted by various promotions easily on the Internet or on television. Although the promotion is still investment-related and promoted by your favorite influencers and investors.

That’s the way to invest for students. Easy, right?


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