One of the first features introduced in Edge Canary last month January 2022 seems to be officially rolling out to the Microsoft Edge stable soon, where this feature is one of the added capabilities Collections which later users can save feed, followed creator and others there.

In a five-second video as you can see above, Microsoft has shown a glimpse of what this feature looks like, where users will be able to save feed, creator and others.

To see how this feature has been described in a leak in a previous article, where later, you will be given a small popup display which contains a number of information, such as the number of posts, followers, a brief description, and a list of recent posts, and you will also provide a view from which content creators you follow, just like in the following picture.

Unfortunately, of course, not everyone likes this ability, because once again this feature is not needed by everyone, Microsoft should present this feature as an optional feature, but unfortunately all Microsoft includes it in their new browser.

So what do you think about this feature that will be coming soon?, do you like it? if I’m still clearly not.

Via : WinAero


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