Although the Paint application has yet to gain dark mode but Microsoft seems to continue to make changes to this application so that it is present consistent with the style of Windows 11.

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After yesterday we got changes to the Paint application which now looks more modern, did you know that in the latest Windows 11 Insider Dev Channel, the newest Paint application that you can download at the Microsoft Store has received another change, namely the Image Properties section has now been updated with style. Windows 11.

Old left vs new Right

As you can see in the comparison image above, on the left is the Image Properties of Paint on the current Windows 11 Stable, while on the right is the Image Properties of Paint on the Windows 11 Insider Dev Channel, where several parts of the UI have been updated, from size to even buttons are now adapted to Windows 11 Style.

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For you Windows 11 Insider Dev Channel users, you can just download the latest Paint from the Microsoft Store page following.

Will there be anything else that will change and be brought to the Modern style of Windows 11? hmm let’s see what will be like in the future guys.

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