With the presence of Bing Chat, Microsoft Bing has also been affected by the surge in users of the new Chatbot service as a result of the collaboration between Microsoft and OpenAI because there are at least 100 million daily active users based on the March 2023 report yesterday.

And we discussed a little about Microsoft Bing, some time ago there was news that there was an option compact view present on Bing. You can see this report on the Reddit page followingwhich appears to have been recently tested as part of A/B testing by Microsoft.

As shown in the image above, there is a toggle that users can set in the upper left corner of Bing search results, where if enabled, this will reduce the amount of information on the search results page.

With this Compact View, this will summarize a number of important information on the search page and make it easier for users to find the core of the search more quickly, while of course Microsoft Bing’s view looks simpler and less cluttered.

However, based on the yokooffing report at Redditthis option is not available in all search results, whereas Compact View appears to currently only appear in Wikipedia Entries for search prompts.

In addition, according to information from MSPowerUser, this feature has actually been tested since last 2021, but this new version brings more changes to the layout of search results. And since there’s no official word from Microsoft yet, let’s presume this feature is just a rumor considering that compact view may not really be needed if the user wants to find more complete information.

What do you think? comment below guys.

via: Reddit, Neowin, MSPowerUser


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