An interesting news came from one of the leakers Leopeva64-2where reportedly, selected Microsoft Edge Chromium Canary users find a feature that is quite unique and annoying in Microsoft Edge, namely every time a user opens Microsoft Edge, Edge automatically asks the user to import browser data from Google Chrome / other browsers to Microsoft Edge.

Well this option is also fortunately that users can turn it off / on if the user likes it, where the options and settings are located on the page Settings > Import browser data > Import browser data on each launch > Turn on.

If this option is active, every time the user opens Microsoft Edge, there will be a short notification where a number of browser data has been successfully copied to this browser from the other browser you are using.

Until now, options on-launch import it only supports a number of things including passwords, autofill settings, payment info, browsing history, cookies, and open tabs, it might keep favorites and extensions can also be imported, but let’s see what happens next.

So what do you think about this? comment below guys.

Via : Leopeva64-2 (Reddit), Neowin


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