For you Google Chrome users on Windows 11, have you noticed that when you play Media in the browser, it will appear media control in section Actions Center Windows 11 as shown below.

The Media Control will appear when you open any media in this browser, whether it’s music or video, this feature is actually very useful, but what if we don’t want to display it?

So regarding this, did you know that we can actually disable it, and the steps are very easy. Curious? here are the short steps.

Step 1. First open your Google Chrome, and go ahead copy following url and paste it in the Address bar.


Step 2. Then please change from default Becomes disabled in the Hardware Media Key Handling section as shown below.

After that please you reboot Your Google Chrome and it’s done, now whatever music or video media you play, it will not appear in the Actions Center anymore.

Please try it guys, oh yes, these steps also apply to all Chromium-based browsers, including Opera, Vivaldi, and even Microsoft Edge Chromium.


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