As previously reported, Google seems to be requiring extensions to use Manifest v3 which is reportedly more modern, although it has a lot of cons, especially for Adblocker users and Adblocker Developers themselves. (Read more).

Now regarding this, after it is planned that in January 2023 all extensions with Manifest v2 will be discontinued, AdGuard which is one of the Popular Adblockers on Google Chrome / other Chromium-based browsers seems to act quickly by presenting a test version of Adblocker powered by Manifest v3.

You can download this adblocker on the Google Chrome Web Store page followingand besides that you can also see the project from the AdGuard GitHub page following.

“In mid-2021, we started working on the prototype of a new extension that would be able to block ads even within the strict limits of Manifest V3. The task was not easy, but we’re finally able to present the first working prototype of an MV3-enabled ad blocker.” The following is an explanation from Adguard quoted from its GitHub page.

As in the picture above, of course this Adblock is still an Experimental version, especially according to AdGuard’s own explanation, there are a number of limitations to blocking ads as a result of Manifest v3, even since mid-2021 until now, they are still developing Adguard Home with Manifest v3 be better.

But quoted from the official page Adguardalthough there are a number of limitations, but Adguard with Manifest v3 is quite feasible to use, where Adguard has been running well in blocking requests from trackers, hide banners, social widgets and other annoying elements, and block ads on video sharing platforms including Youtube, although it is possible that some ads will still pass.

Sooner or later, all Adblocks will follow, if not then of course it will be the end of Adblock itself, because once again, Chrome Web Store has stopped accepting Manifest v2 extensions on January 17, 2022 yesterday and planned for January 2023 later all extensions with Manifest v2 will be discontinued.

What do you think? have you tried Adguard with this Manifest v3? comment below guys.

Via : AdGuard

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