It was previously reported that OneDrive Gets Windows 11 Redesign where is the leaked file from the new OneDrive application that we can download and try, well because I’m also curious, why don’t we all try it, okay?

Well before that, the most visible change from this new OneDrive application is the Settings page which brings a Windows 11-style design, and if you remember, in OneDrive currently the application still presents the display. settings classic as in the following picture:

Well if you also want to try, you can download this OneDrive App Leak application on the page following.

Installation Process

Now for the installation process itself, it’s easy as usual, where this is basically updating the existing OneDrive application with a newer version.

But the question is whether change design have we got?

Unfortunately no!, in my case, the Settings page of the OneDrive application did not get any changes, and the design that appears is still the same as before, the only difference is the version number.

Why is this happening?, because again as explained in the previous article, this application is still in the Internal testing stage, and of course not all users will get the same changes.

So, if you tried yesterday to download and update your OneDrive app with the previously shared link, then don’t be surprised if you don’t get any changes.


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