If you currently buy a new device that already preinstalled with Windows 11, and by chance you don’t like the new Microsoft OS, and want to return to Windows 10, is that possible?, the answer is of course you can guys, but there are a number of drawbacks, where it’s possible that the default applications from your device will be lost, including Microsoft Office 2021 that you get in the purchase package.

So before you do this step, make sure you have backed up your important data to local disk D or to an external drive, and if you have a Microsoft Office 2021 Preinstalled application with an active license, i recommend do not downgrade because this will cause you to lose the Microsoft Office license.

Still want to continue? okay then, now to downgrade you can use MediaCreationTool which you can download on the Microsoft page following. And compared to using a usb installer, this step is the simplest and easiest step you can do.

First download Media Creation Tools, then open the application that you downloaded.

Furthermore, after a fairly short loading, you just have to follow it license terms his.

Then on the options What do you want to do? please choose Upgrade this PC now.

Click Next and let the Media Creation Tool download the latest version of Windows 10, just make sure your internet connection is stable and fast, guys.

After that, if the option Choose what to keep available to choose from, please select that option because with options Keep personal files and apps That said, all applications and files that are already on local Disk C are still available for you to access, including the Microsoft Office 2021 license, which may still be available for you to use.

But friends, if it turns out that you have a case like the one above, where are the options keep personal files and apps and keep personal files only the user cannot choose, like it or not, you have to do the downgrade with the nothing option which will delete all data and applications available on Local Disk C.

This option is of course more or less similar to the method clean install via usb installer but the difference is we do it with the method upgrade via Media Creation Tools, and if you have no problem with the loss of applications and data that you can back up first, please continue the process by clicking Next.

After that, the installation process will run like a Windows 10 installation in general.

So should I downgrade?with the risk of losing data and the Microsoft Office 2021 license that you may get when you buy new device preinstalled, it’s a good idea not to downgrade, unless you are ready to lose the Microsoft Office license.

Meanwhile, for the Windows license, because it is OEM and preinstalled on the Motherboard, when you install Windows 10 or Windows 11, the license you have will not be lost and will be safe with your device.

So, those are the tips from WinPoin, if there are any shortcomings, I’m sorry, and if there is additional information, please share it below, guys.

Hopefully this article is useful, thank you.


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