Not only does it offer a digital wallet that you can use to pay for groceries at different stores, the OVO app now also offers a full range of financial services. with this application You can buy insurance products. Pay land and building taxes and invest.

Ovo has partnered with Bareksa Mutual Fund Selling Agent Application and several investment managers. Offering a wide range of mutual fund investment products that you can buy starting from just IDR 10,000, how can you buy mutual funds in this application? Check the following steps:

How to invest in OVO

Here are the steps to invest in the OVO application:

  1. Open your OVO application. Be sure to enter the correct PIN.
  2. Choose investment menu
  3. choose investment instrument What do you want.
  4. click to buy
  5. on the first purchase You will be asked to enter some information first to verify the information. The data validation process will be completed in approximately 1 day.
  6. After the confirmation process is complete You can buy any investment instrument you want.
  7. Funds for the purchase of these instruments will be deducted directly from your OVO balance. Withdrawal cash will also be entered as OVO balance, so make sure you have enough OVO balance.
  8. The investment manager will review your transactions. This process will be completed in approximately 1-3 business days. Note Saturdays and Sundays, including public holidays. How fast or slow this process is depends on when you enter the purchase order. If an order is placed before 11.00 WIB, the investment manager will review the order you entered on the same day. However, if you enter an order after 11:00 AM, the WIB Fund Manager will verify the order you entered the next business day. And the purchase process will finish after 1 day.
  1. The purchase process is complete.

Advantages of investing in OVO

Although the number of mutual funds offered for sale is quite limited. Investing in OVO applications has the following advantages:

  1. Legal investment according to OJK regulations
  2. Suitable for beginner investors because the products offered are a wide range of mutual fund products and are managed by professionals.
  3. can start at a low cost
  4. Mutual fund investments at OVO are equipped with real-time data on these instruments. So that investors can observe the changes in asset prices anytime, anywhere.
  5. In addition, investing in mutual funds at OVO has many other supporting information such as Fund information sheetProspectus, Risk Profile and others. These information are important for use as information in determining investment policy.
  6. The payment process uses OVO balance, so you don’t need to switch to another application or go to an ATM just to send your investment.
  7. Free buying and selling fees

Tips for investing in OVO

1. Set investment goals and targets.

There are many types of mutual funds that OVO invests in, ranging from Money Market Fund The risk is relatively low. stock fund people at high risk This difference in risk also causes different profit levels for each product.

Therefore, to make your investment results more satisfactory. You can set goals and investment goals first. So you can choose investment products that meet your goals.

2. Don’t forget to read the fund prospectus and information sheet.

The Fund’s Prospectus and Fact Sheet (FFS) are the two essential documents that must be in every mutual fund product. Both of these documents contain important information about investment products such as those issued by investment managers. which issuer will receive the investment, etc.

Information from the FFS and this prospectus is important for your consideration. Because each mutual fund product will have different details of important information, including information about the fund issuer who will receive the investment.

3. Buy multiple items at once

The purpose of purchasing multiple mutual fund products at once is to diversify the portfolio. Therefore, when the value of any mutual fund decreases You also get an advantage over other products. This diversification is especially important if you are purchasing a high-risk product such as Equity Funds (RDS).

4. Be sure to read the product chart.

Even if you only use one application. You can now read the mutual fund product chart that you are about to buy or are about to buy. You can use this chart, which uses real-time data as a raw material to choose the best mutual fund products. Evaluate the effectiveness of your chosen product. and when you should start investing and when you can sell the investment instrument you have. practice right?

5. Improve your investing skills with various articles provided.

In support of investment products, OVO also offers a wide range of articles, advice and investment tips that you can use to expand your knowledge. You can access these articles directly through OVOvest, so you don’t have to switch to another application or website.

Remember that investing requires skills that must be continuously built. Of course, the existence of various educational articles It will help you to improve the quality of your investment abilities.


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