As previously reported, Google Chrome Reminds Windows 7 Users To Upgradeand where the warning will appear every time you open the Google Chrome application window for the first time.

So, if you don’t like the message and want to hide it, you can, for the first steps, it’s posted on the Google Chrome Help page. followingand here WinPoin summarizes the steps again.

Step 1. First, please open the Registry Editor.

Step 2. Then please enter the following registry key:


If it doesn’t exist, you can create a new key by right clicking > New > Key, and name it according to the key specified above, “Google” and “Chrome” in the Google key.

The result should be like in the following image:

Step 3. In the key HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwarePoliciesGoogleChrome, please create a Dword (32-bit) Value with the name “SuppressUnsupportedOSWarning“, and give Value “1”

And when it’s finished, please click OK and Restart your Windows 7, and now every time the browser is opened, there should be no more warnings as shown in the following image.

Please try guys. And I’m really sorry, I practiced the steps above on Windows 11, because I currently don’t hold Windows 7 anymore to practice directly. But good luck yes.


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