Generally, we have got a number of theme options available on the page Settings > Personalization > Themes, where there are already available themes as in the following image.

But friends, did you know that in Windows 11 22H2 there is a hidden theme that we can activate, where the theme is named Educational theme Lol. So if you are curious about what kind of theme it is, here WinPoin summarizes the short steps to activate it.

Step 1. First, please open the Registry Editor.

Step 2. Next, please log in registry keys following.


Step 3. Next, please create a new key with the name “Education”, how to right-click > New > Key > name it ‘Education’ without the quotes.

Step 4. Furthermore, in the Education key, please create a DWORD (32-bit) Value with the name EnableEduThemes and please fill in Value data from 0 Becomes 1.

Step 5. Finally, please reboot your Windows 11, when finished, make sure the internet connection is connected and the new theme is now available on the page Settings > Personalization > Themes.

If the theme hasn’t appeared, you just have to wait until the theme finally appears on the settings page.

Or, because this theme is just a collection of wallpapers, you can download the Wallpaper from this education theme from the Google Drive page following.

Via : PhantomOfEarth (Twitter), Microsoft


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