Sharing between Android and PC is currently still quite limited, which is different from special Huawei devices that can use Huawei Share, no direct steps have been presented from either Google or Microsoft themselves.

But friends, regarding this file sharing technology, recently Google seems to be presenting a new option to make it easier for Android users to share files to Windows where they are now starting to launch Nearby Share Beta for Windows users.

According to Google, this feature is intended as an alternative to sending files via email between devices without compromising security and privacy.

And for those who don’t know, in 2020 Google launched Nearby Share for Android users. With this feature, users can share files between devices, both Android Smartphones, Tablets and Chromebooks.

But by expanding it to the Windows Desktop, this will make it easier for users who also happen to be Windows OS users, and interestingly this application is also available and compatible for Windows 10 and Windows 11.

"Nearby Share Beta works with your Windows PC whether the app is open on the desktop or running in the background. Sending a photo, video or document from your PC to a nearby Android device is as easy as dragging and dropping it into the app, or by selecting "Send with Nearby Share" in the right-click menu. Just select which Android devices you want to share with from the list that pops up." Ungkap Google

And as Google’s explanation quoted above, users can easily share by simply dragging and dropping on available devices within range.

For those of you who often use the Nearby share feature on Android, maybe you won’t find it too difficult to adapt to this feature on Windows, considering that the capabilities and methods used are still the same without any changes.

In addition, you can also set Devices Visibility easily from the Preferences page in the Nearby share application on Windows, which feature is certainly intended to increase user privacy. In addition, you must activate WiFi and Bluetooth on your PC or laptop for this feature to work.

Intrigued by this feature? You can download Nearby Share on the Android page followingmake sure you download it on Windows 10 or Windows 11.

via: Google, BetaNews, Engadgetthank you Reno Sifana


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