As we know, previously Microsoft only provided Windows Subsystem for Android only for devices using the US Region, besides that users could not get WSA to further get the full Windows 11 experience.

Well, some time ago it was reported that Microsoft has started to provide WSA support in five different regions besides the USA and this support will reportedly be implemented soon.

Some of these countries include: France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

This is certainly good news for users in the region, because with it Windows 11 users can get the full experience of Windows 11, without having to change their device region settings to US first.

It will be rolling out for the first time to Insiders!

Please note that support for these five different countries will begin rolling out to a select number of Insider users first, so that Microsoft can get feedback and to improve quality going forward.

With that, until finally WSA support will be available for all countries in the World, unfortunately Android support for Windows 11 will still be limited.

So what do you think? Will Indonesia also get this support? comment and give your opinion below guys.

Via : Pure InfoTech

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