For those of you who might be active in commenting on Disqus, and incidentally WinPoin and blogs i also use comment system At this time, we may notice that there has been a change in appearance which now makes Disqus more fresh and looks more modern.

Now the appearance itself is more or less like in the picture above, where now the comment form has a rounded corner style. Apart from that, the Upvote and Downvote icons have now changed to likes and disliked like in the following picture.

So apart from that, the Save Favorite icon has now changed from the icon love icon save like the one on Instagram.

In general, this change is an interesting thing, especially since it’s been a long time since there has been a design change from Disqus Comments, but you need to know, guys, that this design change has indeed been made. planned a long time agomore precisely, starting at the end of November 2022, a number of users have received this redesign.

And according to Disqusthis design change is necessary to make Disqus more user-friendly, in addition to integrating Disqus on user sites more seamlessly.

For web owners, is there anything that needs to be reconfigured?

The answer is no guys, because everything has been released via server side from Disqus, for those of you who happen to have a website that also uses Disqus, you no longer need to do any configuration on your Disqus admin page.

Oh yeah, because this incident happens to be an article that is outside of the discussion about the Windows ecosystem, at the same time we discuss about the many SPAM comments on WinPoin where almost all of them are links related to 18+ comics

Here’s an example.

It was observed that a number of Spam comments were not sent from Indonesian accounts, not even WinPoin readers who always participate in comments and discussions on this site, and tended to look more like just SPAM bots.

For now, though filter default comments are still valid where only rude comments have been set by mas febian only those who need to get approval if they want to be displayed, but it’s a shame if the image filter is activated, then of course the discussion on WinPoin will feel limited, so until now to deal with spam, I will continue to check comments and make sure no more spam comments for manhwa 18+ are joining appear and enliven this site.

Oh yeah, if there’s a spam comment, you can tag me on disqus @gylang_satria, or you can mention me on Twitter @gylang_satria too.

Thank you, well do you like disqus? comment below guys.

thanks to: Yogi Julianto via Disqus


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