An interesting news especially for Adobe Photoshop users, because it was recently reported that Adobe is making a web version Adobe Photoshop is free for users to use.

Now this Web version is only available for selected users in the Canada Region, but in the future it may also be available in other Regions.

About this version, Adobe claim that web version of Adobe Photoshop it is available as freemium model, where some of Photoshop’s essential tools, brushes, and essential features can be used for free. Even so, of course, Adobe will separate other features for exclusive users who pay a subscription fee.

To use this service, of course, users are required to have an Adobe account, and of course users can also pay a subscription fee with exclusive features that are more complete than this Web version of Adobe Photoshop.

So that’s a glimpse of the web version of Adobe Photoshop introduced by Adobe, from what we see, the main features such as layers, brushes, text and others are still there and can be used by users.

But of course when compared to the application version of Adobe Photoshop, this version is very much different from the word powerful, but it is enough for just doing light editing.

To try it, you who are lucky, can just visit the page http://creativecloud.adobe.com/photoshop.

What do you think?, unfortunately I haven’t been able to try this version, have you done it? comment below guys.

Via : Neowin, The Verge


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