Previously, we already knew what was presented in the cumulative update for December Windows 11where the cumulative update will be divided into two where update KB5021234 for Windows 11 21H1 and update KB5021255 for Windows 11 22H2.

Now for Windows 10 itself, the updates presented are KB5021233where with this update, the Windows 10 OS build will change to 19042.2364, 19043.2364, 19044.2364, and 19045.2364, according to version Windows 10 that the user is using.

But friends, quoted from Microsoft’s official page, this update unfortunately does not include much information about what improvements are presented, except for one important improvement in the camera application, which previously if the memory is low, the camera application will suddenly not responding.

This update addresses an issue that affects the Camera app. The app stops responding when memory is low.

Now for you Windows 10 users, it’s a good idea to update your system immediately with this build, especially if you previously encountered a problem with the camera application in Windows 10 which suddenly didn’t respond when it was being used.

via: Microsoft


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