For you lovers of darkness who like dark wallpapers, dark theme and so on, recently one of the users reddit (jeezburger69) shares his work, where he made stock wallpapers Windows 11 with Dark variant.

Dark here is not the Dark Blue variant that you can see on the Settings page, yes, but Dark is really cool in my opinion. Here is what it looks like.

How cool isn’t it?, with this look dark mode In Windows 11, I think it’s more perfect and looks more stable in my eyes.

And friends, besides there are Wallpapers for Desktop Backgrounds, jeezburger69 also make lockscreen wallpapers which is also the same as Dark and you can set it on your Windows 11 Lockscreen.

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How cool?, if you like this wallpaper, you can just download it from the shared link jeezburger69 following.

Comment below guys, what do you think about this Dark Wallpaper?

Via : Reddit


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