Some time ago it was rumored that WhatsApp would get features related to Channels as you can read the article on the page following. So it didn’t take long, now it turns out that WhatsApp has officially announced the Channel feature, which if we pay attention to this feature is similar to the Channels available on Telegram.

So why is it similar to telegram? because you can say the features are exactly the same guys, as the admin of the channel, you can set your phone number and even your profile photo so that the members don’t know and the same goes for the members, where you can hide your phone number from the admin and other members.

Apart from that, the admin can also make the channel private where the admin can decide who can and may join, similar to telegram right?

Apart from that, the admin will also be able to arrange so that the channel cannot be screenshotted forward and the possibility of setting so that shared media cannot be saved to local devices, wow, this is really good.

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So in other words, this Channel feature will indeed be very similar to what is already present on Telegram and for you Telegram users, you might be able to quickly adapt to this feature.

As for the availability of this feature, will it be coming soon to all users? According to information circulating, this feature will first appear in the region Colombia and Singaporebut over time this feature will be available in other regions.

The question is, will this feature be used for private content lovers? hehehe I don’t know about this, but it would be very interesting if I could join too. What do you think about this feature? Comment below guys, and give your opinion on this.

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